Friday, December 12, 2008

Good boss

I wake up early this morning because Me & Alice will go to the Doctor.She had an appoinment.But before that I log in to my YM then suddenly my Aunt's email add pop out.She's online and she been waiting on me for an hour.HOnestly I dont know that she will online this morning.SHe just have and internet two days ago,still practicing.She is a caretaker on a big house in the island.Since their Mom died,it's my Aunt who watch and do everything necessary to be done in their house while they are here in US.My Aunt never been married so she accept this job and they are been close friends eversince.THe kids are very nice to her and just this past days the kids put and internet for herself at home.And take note the bills! charge to the owner of the house including her paycheck everymonth.ISnt that wonderful.IM happy because I can connect to my relatives in the island.Thanks for the high technology.

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Maddie said...

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