Saturday, August 30, 2008

Online Casino

My husbands friend is a gambler.He travel everywhere no matter how far the casino.He travel all over United States.When he retired somebody told her that he dont need to travel to play in the Casino.There is an Online Casino that you can play while you are at home or anywhere as long as you have computer. At pro360 they have a list of best online casino.Experiece the thrill of real money wagering while playing for fun from the comfort of your own home.CHoose from dozens of slot machines including huge progressive jackpots and all your other favorite casino games too. The Online slot casino is great because of the excitement of the challenge of the othe r person to bet and you have to bet or pass and then that person takes all the pot. a mimunim bet is set and on texas hold you give each person two cards. then it starts then three cards are turned face up you bet again then the river card is turned face up. you bet another time then the last card is turned face up. the person with the best hand wins. so you start all over again. hopefully you can keep the luck and soon you have a stack of chips chips are normally 5 dollars. 10 dollars 20 dollars and some times 50 dollars and 100 dollars these chips are always black chips. minmum bets are 25 dollars. My husband like playing straight poker. It is a skill that you are deal five cards and you can dispose up to four cards then you bet on your hand and try to figure out if you opponent has a better and than cards in your hand.YOu can find all the casino games online.All you need is a computer and internet.This is awesome.

FRiends GAthering

Last night we play BINGO at the church sponsored by the ORT Methodist Church Family NIght.But we call it "BIBLE" instead of BINGO.It's really fun and we have a blast. There are 17 gifts to be given away and sad to say I never got those gifts even one.My husband got BIBLE once and got a $25 giftcard.Luckily, Buffy got 6 prizes and her son got 2 prizes.Buffy had always luck on anykind of raffles,games with prizes or anything that involved on prizes.Even in our scrapbook on saturday she always got a prize.THe BIBLE Game last night was free and lots and lots of food.This is also the way that people in the church,get together,talk,laugh and have fun......And we did...The last prize last night was the chocolate mouse with a big pack of coffee.Somebody donated a chocolate pie last night because they know that this is the Preachers favorite.So,all the gift cards was already given away and this is the last.When Cindy told us that the last prize is the chocolate pie with a pack of coffee but it's too hard to get because we are in all BLOCK!The preacher stand up and told us...That pie is belong to me,so this night I will got the "BLOCK" and get the prize" ha ha ha sad to say he never got the prize because somebody got "BIBLE".....ORT MEmebers are so kind so Cindy gave the pie to the we have fun last night with the preacher..he keep saying to CINdy.."No Cindy that pie is belong to you but he is already holding the pie when Cindy hand it to him"!.....ha ha ha ha..Everybody is teasing to the PREACHER..It's already past 12am when we come home..Last night also was my first time driving at night! I usually dont drive at night beacuse I could not see,well it's a good experience,no traffic, no police,ha ha ha!...OVer all last night,It's Great,thanks Cindy for the successful Family night.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

To my Amazing friends

I dedicate this to all my friends here in Amazing friends.Im sorry sometimes I could not vist you blog. I would like to thank you all for always dropping by.

Thank you Alice

I would like to thank ALice for the early gifts that she gave me this afternoon. I do really appreciate.YOur like a dear Mom to me.Alice is such a good person.SHe always ask me that anything you want in this house just ask me and I will give it you.I will never do that, I just wait whatever she will gave it to me and sometimes I refuse specially if it's not really for me.I just tell her that your kids need that one.Also I tell her that I dont want to hurt your feelings but you have kids too.I dont want her kids says something bad on me.Im just happy I have a friend like Alice. Alice is 84 yrs old and not her kids visit her even once a month.Isnt that sad.Her son lives one mile where she live but nor a single call in one month.....none! I will not do that to my Mom.....again thanks and Im always praying for your good health and Pete.

Friends are friends forever

This morning, I open my chikka.And it pop-up a message from a friend.She's my very dear friend in the Philippines.It's been to long that we never chat because of the time in the PHilippines and here,she's busy with her daughter in school and of course renting internet in the Philippines is quite expensive now.BUt IM thankful that every now and then she never forgot me.Once in a while she always drop a line of message in YM.And it makes me feel good.We might be a few thousand miles away, but the distance is never a hindrance.She leave her new Cellphone number.So, I add her new cell number in my chikka.And a few minutes she reply.And we talk over chikka.I know it cost a lot on her rather than me but the thing IM proud of her is she dont mind it because she had something to tell me.You know what she want to ask from me?She said she's happy for me.......She just waist her load asking me if Im pregnant?I wish!.....but she got the wrong news...hopefully one day.SOmeday told her a friends of ours before....ha ha ha ha ha ha...Then later on she told me ATe Cookie if I could not reply you meaning I dont have load no more.I miss this girl...Hopefully one day I could call her....To Pong thank you for the sweet message and for the false excitement!ha ha ha ha.I wish we could talk more and see your beautiful girl.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Consumer Price Watch

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A prayer for my Friend

This prayer is for all my friends who need prayers, specially my friend Normita who is in New Zealand. Just two weeks ago her Mom had a bypass surgery and another heart operation which is rough for her.Since her Mom arrived in New Zealand she is her right arm.THen her dad had a tooth problem and been admit to the hospital.Her husband had a stomach pain for one week including her daughter. Everybody's sick except her.She's crying and asking why this happen to her family. Im praying for my friend's family. Trust GOD,he is good.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Getting Kids into the habit

My friends you finally got your son or daughter to eat strawberries,peacheas and apples for snacks this summer instead of potato chips and candy. But now that it's nearly time for him/her to return to school,it may not be as easy to keep him from grabbing the burgers, pizza, and fries in the school cafeteria, even if you pack a nutritious lunch.Plus after a long day of school, he/she rather flop down to play video games than run around playing football or basketball,so it's more difficult to keep him moving. Health food and fitness experts say it can be challenging for parents to help their chilren develop lifelong healthy eating and fitness habits but parents can control how and what their children do during the school day by first fostering healthy habits at home.Get children to eat healthier foods by having then try new flavors and textures.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Ailyn

A bright sun is smiling
with warm greeting today
knows you're a year older
cause it's your birthday.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Friendship Qoute

I miss her and she miss me too

YOu know who I miss!Well, it's Ate Liz, my adopted Ate from Masachuttes. Anyway I have 3 ATes in MAsachuttes...My very dear Ate's...I love you all...Finally we chat this afternoon. Im so glad we talk for a while. Actually she want to call me but Im busy with the other line talking to my cousin and I could not sto[her..For God sake! ha ha...I miss her and she miss me too. Isnt that great! Thanks Ate LIz for the time. It's been a quite time that we never talk to each other since last month if IM not wrong. And the other day we talk with friendship Jess....SHe told me that they will meet again the TREZ MARIAS.And they did! and I was so inggit inggit ha ha ha specially the food that she mention like the dinuguan and the puto that she cook...Ate Joy's recipe is not yet included on it....HOpefully one day I will met this 3 girls....

Congratulation Ailyn

Everytime I woke up in the morning I always check my emails,friendster,YM etc. Its my daily routine no matter what happen ha ha ha. When I open my YM this morning Ailyn leave a message.TElling me that she is pregnant.I was shock and at the same time I was happy too.We just visit her last month and it seems everything's alright and I never notice any symptoms or any sign.Everything's was cool.That's GOd's will.....Anyway, Im happy for her. To Ailyn.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Im so busy

Im miss my Amazing Friends here. I apologized you all. Recently you keep visiting me and you never heard any response from me. I do really appreciate.We been in a long vacation.WHen we come home,back to work then we have a good VAcation Bible School in church, just finished last thursday. And sad to hear that our good friend past away last SAturday. What a hectic schedule?So, I been missing here for a while. And now I need to slow down. To all of you,thank you for being Amazing Friends.