Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Do you hear about GEEK SQUAD.Maybe all of you are familiar.Well I dont until when our TV is not working.Six months ago we bought online a RCA flat screen TV online.THen suddenly after six months is not working.So we call the company for the warranty.Not only ones but my husband call many times. Then they told us to go BEST BUY to fix out TV.BEst buy told us that the dont fix TV but they have GEEK SQUAD and fix your TV at home.So here we are waiting for the GEEK SQUAD fixing our TV.IF you have problems on your TV or computer just call the gEEK SQUAD and they will service in your home or office.

High School Teacher

It's been since a graduate high school in our island in the Philippines.I mean 15 yrs since I graduated.I was in facebook last wk.Im searching some of my old friends and classmates. Until I recognize a familiar name so I invite her.A few days later she accept me and I ask her if she know and I told her I know your mother-in-law.Then she reply that her day say Merry Christmas and she mention her dad's nickname.I stop and thinking for a short while and I told her is your dad is my teacher in highschool.Then she said YES.WHo knows that my favorite math teacher in high school is also here in United States.That teacher that IM talking to is a one smart man in Math.If you are interested to learn about his lesson on that day then you better listen to him.YOu dont need to review it over and over because it's clear and concise.I would like to thank my MAth teacher in high school because when I was in college I was proud of myself because we learn it advance in high school.TO my MAth teacher in high school "THANK YOU SIR".

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I own this

Doesn't euphonious remind you of an attachment

Now that you've added your blog, we need to make sure that you own this blog.

Meet Old Friends

Some us wants to met or friend our old friends,relatives.Now there is a way that you can find them easily. Just visit facebook and search the people that you are looking for. I usually say no, I dont want facebook but when I try it I met again my old friends and classmates even my relatives and the same time you can talk to them.

Uncle John's Seafood

One of my favorite food is Seafood.Im sure everybody's love Seafood.We stop by at the dollar store to get some stuff and we seen the sign at UNcle John in the road.A woman promoting their $5 hamburger,drinks and fries promo.HUbby was hungry and he want to try that hamburger. Since it's a seafood restaurant they also have varities of food.He want to try the hamburger and same with me.Wow! that hamurger is so delicious.The owner and the people are very friendly.So,if you have time come visit UNCLE JOHN at Sheldon Rd., Channelview TX and bring your friends.They also have menu for kids that it's very affordable.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Shop On line

Christmas is past approaching.It's easier for me and for us to go shop online and Shopwiki is a website where you begin all your shopping adventures.It also help you find product online.Shopwiki dont sell product online.SHopwiki scans the internet to find the best deal for all users searchers like me.All purchase are done through the online retailer of the user's choice.Like the Tiffany Table Lamp that's the example of the deal for the users searchers.ShopWiki does not accept payment from online retailers.They want to index everything there is to buy online, which means they have to include all storesbig and small. The result is more products from more stores.ShopWiki community attracts impassioned and expert shoppers who know their stuff and hold each other up to high standards. They are serious about providing reliable information. Since it can be hard for users to catch all mistakes, ShopWiki has a team of professional editors who monitor every single change to the wiki guides, helping keep the buying guides fair, accurate and vandalism free. The editors are also active community members who contribute their own guides and keep the existing ones up to date. Shopwiki crawl 180,000 online stores.ShopWiki only lists products available in the United States.I dont like go to crowds in the mall during the rush hour shopping christmas.I suggest you to shop online at shopwiki.

Friday, December 19, 2008

HAppy Birthday Mz.Ana

I would like to greet Mz.


Thanks fo the party invitation.SO, Im getting ready for the partynow.SO,see you there Mz.Ana at your party......

Friday, December 12, 2008

Good boss

I wake up early this morning because Me & Alice will go to the Doctor.She had an appoinment.But before that I log in to my YM then suddenly my Aunt's email add pop out.She's online and she been waiting on me for an hour.HOnestly I dont know that she will online this morning.SHe just have and internet two days ago,still practicing.She is a caretaker on a big house in the island.Since their Mom died,it's my Aunt who watch and do everything necessary to be done in their house while they are here in US.My Aunt never been married so she accept this job and they are been close friends eversince.THe kids are very nice to her and just this past days the kids put and internet for herself at home.And take note the bills! charge to the owner of the house including her paycheck everymonth.ISnt that wonderful.IM happy because I can connect to my relatives in the island.Thanks for the high technology.