Saturday, September 27, 2008

BRidal Shower Party,WOrk Day

Today is the work day at the church. HUrricane Ike left to many works at the church yard.And at the same time it's also Alice Bridal shower PArty at the church.Two weeks ago somebody send me an invitation card for this party and I almost forgot it. I dont like to attend because all the gifts is to be donated at the CHild CAre CEnter, where almost the church member wants to close this day care.Why? It's been 5 yrs since this day care was establish and there's no improvement.And they never trying hard.THe church always pay there expenses instead they pay their own expenses.BUt Alice the chairman of the day care committee wants to donate thier gifts to the day care.The wedding day is this coming SAturday and same thing gifts will be given to the day care.

Friday, September 26, 2008


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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Meet New Filipina Friend

Me and Alice went to wal-mart yesterday after her doctor's appoinment.When we are in the cashier paying,a woman behind me ask if I'm aFilipina..i said "YES" she said Im just curious because you dont look like filipino....binola pa ako....ha ha ha. 100% fully blooded pinoy!.....ha ha ha ha.Then she speak tagalog and I ask her if she is a bisdak or tagalog then she said bisdak....LAter on we exchange phone number,but she is not sure with her number ha ha ha....We just know each other on that minute but it sounds that we been known for to long.She looks like she's nice,Im not for sure......First impression will long last.....ha ha ha the first thing she told me is..I dont have much filipina friends because some are pretentious!....which is true...samething with me.....INFERIORITY!.....yes! because they dont response....Anyway,good friends are all over.....Thanks to Ate MErcy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WEdding BElls

A friend of ours in church will soon got married as in soon.........When I check our mail box this afternoon we got an invitation...A wedding invitation ........from our dear friend in church....We are happy for them....they been together for 20 yrs and just engaged 2 yrs ago on Valentines day.That was so sweet....and nobody knows it that Don Wilks will propose to Alice on that nght.............It's time to get married because there getting olderAlice is 65 same with Don...............To Alice and DOn we are happy for you.............They are very nice person.....THere wedding will be this coming Oct 4, 6:30pm............

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Grandparent's Day

To my LOlo and Lola in the Philippines and to all GRANDPARENT'S in the whole world

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A surprise....

The church always schedule an OUT-TO-LUNCh every 1st tuesday of the month.Everybody is invited.And I like this because some church member gather together,talk,share etc.So me and my hubby went this morning, it's in Iguana Joe's a Mexican Resto which is my husband's favorite place.There is a newly Iguana Joe's in Beltway 8.So, we are talking,joking about lifes the past,present and for the future,sharing about church problems and more while we are waiting our food. I order fajita beef and of course double rice with cheese and pico de gallo..When Im ready to pay our bills a group of people coming by on our table bringing a nice glass of ice cream top with strawberry singing a jolly rock happy birthday for me!I look to my hubby and tell him why did you do that? My birthday is this coming Friday not today.He told me that's a surprise honey I know that when I do this on the day of your birthday it would not be a surprise.Beside I already told them that your birthday is this coming friday and if it's ok if they will sing happy birthday to you and the manager said no problem...Anyway if it's a football game,we are an avid fans of Iguana Joe's since it open.We always eat there once a week.....Yeah,it is! his right it would not be a surprise because he been doing this to me for 3 yrs and everytime we eat on the day of my birthday I know that somebody will sing in the REstaurant.Thank you honey.....