Thursday, November 19, 2009

Uncle John's Seafood

One of my favorite food is Seafood.Im sure everybody's love Seafood.We stop by at the dollar store to get some stuff and we seen the sign at UNcle John in the road.A woman promoting their $5 hamburger,drinks and fries promo.HUbby was hungry and he want to try that hamburger. Since it's a seafood restaurant they also have varities of food.He want to try the hamburger and same with me.Wow! that hamurger is so delicious.The owner and the people are very friendly.So,if you have time come visit UNCLE JOHN at Sheldon Rd., Channelview TX and bring your friends.They also have menu for kids that it's very affordable.

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Unknown said...

I've eaten there too!! I couldn't agree with you more! The food was unbelievably good. It's like you made it yourself!